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About this course

The goal of the online course is to learn the Russian language using modern methods from anywhere in the world with the help of advanced online technologies and mobile learning.
The online course is designed in accordance with the international levels of language proficiency– from A1 to C2. Its founders are the best teachers of Russian as a foreign language from the largest Russian universities.

Online course participants will be able to:
- pass diagnostic tests and determine the level of proficiency in Russian;
- choose to study one of six modules - from A1 to C2;
- study at a convenient time using a computer or mobile device.
The online course contains interactive learning materials - exercises, drawings, diagrams, tables, video clips, animation with sound recorded by speakers of a professional studio.
After completing each module, the student can take an online test and get the results of their training. Mastering the online course will help prepare the students for the testing in order to get a certificate of proficiency in Russian.



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