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Ecology, Technology & Anime

About this course

This introductory course uses Japanese anime films and serials to introduce key concepts and issues in contemporary ecological critique and science and technology studies.

In this course each week students watch a different selected anime films or serials to examine contemporary anthropocene ecology and technology. In a world of global climate change, genetic engineering, cyborgs, robots, and other sentient non-humans, Japanese and Japanese inspired anime and manga offer an intriguing, creepy, and enjoyable way to explore the serious issues of anthropocene ecology, and sciences and technology studies.

In this course students will watch selected anime films and shows, and read some accompanying theoretical and poetic texts. The class will explore issues and themes like global warming, extinction, biomedicalization, anthropomorphism, becoming animal, and other human nonhuman relations- both technological and biological, augmentation and alteration.

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University of Tyumen

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