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Decision-Making in Environmental Safety

About this course

The study of the theory and practice of development of making decisions in the field of environmental safety Across the world, environmental decisions are constantly being taken. Environmental decisions occur in the offices of local, state and national governments. There is a constant need for understanding the various decision-making processes for environmental management. As for Arctic region it's especially important due to increased activity in petroleum exploration, manufacturing, transportation, tourism and other services have the potential to alter the Arctic environment considerably. In this course you will understand of environmental management as a decision-making process in the field of environmental safety and its role in business decision. You will learn why decision-making is important for environmental safety in the world wholly and its Arctic region. You will be introduced to types of the decision-making and how it's used in forming environmental decision-making models. You will also be introduced to an integrated management systems and how it's may be used in Arctic region.
Credits (ECTS): 15



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