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Teacher education, Pedagogy and psychology of higher education

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Modern higher education system needs a teacher, who uses up-to-date methods and educational technologies, who can design and control educational process on a diagnostic basis and use the world's learning experience.
The Program ""Pedagogy and psychology of higher education"", Implemented by M. Akmullah Bashkir State Pedagogical University, provides high-quality professional training of teachers of higher education institutions, training centers and supplementary vocational training system.
The Master degree program ""Pedagogy and psychology of higher education"" is implemented in network cooperation with Shanghai Cooperation Organization Universities-partners and assUmes co-education of students from Russia, the People's Republic of China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Students have been taught in Russian and English, using distance learning technologies.
During the studies, program graduates get competence in organization of training activities, monitoring and evaluating the development of currIculum, research, educational and other activities leading. At the same time, they provide providing training courses, Bachelor's, Specialist's, Master's degree programme and supplementary vocational training in the process of education.
Along with professional competencies, a modern teacher should be tolerant, commUnicative, stress-resistant and equable.
A special attention is paid to a resource, databases creation and using an ability, organizing and performing research and project activities, effectively interacting in a multicultural educational system, creating an electronic content and many other skills that provide self-realization and self-improvement.
Master degree graduator who has successfully completed the program ""Pedagogy and psychology of higher education"" will be of a high demand in universities, colleges, in the Offices for Professional (Vocational) Education, in career development and vocational retraining centers.
Studying this program is a brilliant opportunity to get a prestigious education and find friends around the world! Join our united team of the SCO University students!
We teach future education technologies today!



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