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Rural Development, IT in e-commerce, World and European Economy

Acerca del presente curso

"Rural Development" course includes topics:
Topic 1: Social sciences and their role in rural development.
Topic 2: Cointryside in space and time.
Topic 3: Social and cultural approaches to the rural development study.
Topic 4: The economic and sociological aspects of rural development.
Topic 5: Development of rural areas as a process: problems and causes of inequality in the "city-village" status.
Topic 6: Sustainable development of rural areas in Russia, the EU, the world.

"IT in e-commerce" course includes topics:
Topic 1: Introduction into the course unit: business – e-business.
Topic 2: Internal business systems.
Topic 3: Electronic commerce – overview.
Topic 4: Internet Technologies (Web Content Management Systems, SEO, etc.).
Topic 5: E-shop / Internet shop.
Topic 6: E-marketing / Online marketing.
Topic 7: E-security.
Topic 8: E-government.

"World and European Economy" course includes topics:
Topic 1: World Economy Basic Trends.
Topic 2: Population - trends and problems.
Topic 3: UN MDG GOALS.
Topic 4: World and European Economy Databases.
Topic 5: World Economy Overview - in detail.
Topic 6: GAAT/WTO.
Topic 7: World and European Trade.
Topic 8: World and European (EU) agricultural Trade.
Topic 9: Global Agriculture and Fishery Production (Economy Sector Development and Performance).
Topic 10: Global Industry - Economy Sector Development.
Topic 11: Global Services - Economy Sector Development Trends.
Topic 12: Global Prices - Basic Trends Overview.
Topic 13: Global Economy Development by regions.
Topic 14: European Union.
Topic 15: Trade Competitiveness and Comparative Advantages.

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