Тема: Технологии


Batteries, Fuel Cells, and their Role in Modern Society

In today’s world, we see game-changing movements in transportation and energy markets. A better understanding of the processes involved can…

Complex Analysis with Physical Applications

Математика, Технологии
In this advanced math course, you will learn how to build solutions to important differential equations in physics and their…

Materials Science and Engineering

Естественные науки, Технологии
This engineering course presents a broad multidisciplinary approach to understanding and manipulating the mechanical, electrical, optical and magnetic properties of…

Plant Breeding

Естественные науки, Технологии
“Plant breeding” advanced training course is intended for agronomists, seed growers, heads of farms and representatives of trading companies whose…

Plant Genetics

Естественные науки, Технологии
“Plant Genetics” advanced training course can be completed remotely in 72 hours or a month. The course is aimed at…

Specialization «Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science»

Математика, Технологии
Discrete Math is needed to see mathematical structures in the object you work with, and understand their properties. This ability…