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Applied IR spectroscopy

Естественные науки
The goals of the course are to give the basic information on the backgrounds of IR spectroscopy, to discuss the…

Biological Diversity (Theories, Measures and Data sampling techniques)

Естественные науки

The course presents an overview of the theory behind biological diversity evolution and dynamics and of methods for diversity calculation…

Data analysis and statistics in ecology and landscape study

Естественные науки

The course “Data analysis and statistics in ecology and landscape study” (DASELS) aims to provide the basic knowledge and train…

Ecology, Technology & Anime

Естественные науки, Информационные технологии

This introductory course uses Japanese anime films and serials to introduce key concepts and issues in contemporary ecological critique and…

Ecology: from cells to Gaia

Естественные науки

This course presents the principles of evolution and ecology for citizens and students interested in studying biology and environmental sciences….

From Atoms to Stars: How Physics Explains Our World

Естественные науки

In this physics course, you will learn about the structure and function of our universe, from the micro-world of quantum…

From Disease to Genes and Back

Естественные науки

Human genetics explores the genetically determined similarities and differences between human beings. This scientific discipline encompasses a variety of related…

Introduction into General Theory of Relativity

Естественные науки

General Theory of Relativity or the theory of relativistic gravitation is the one which describes black holes, gravitational waves and…

Introduction to Galois Theory

Естественные науки

The course covers basic algorithmic techniques and ideas for computational problems arising frequently in practical applications: sorting and searching, divide…

Knowledge Management in Nuclear Energy Organizations

Естественные науки

Nuclear knowledge is critical now: the previous generation of nuclear personnel is retiring; countries are expanding nuclear programs; ageing nuclear…

Materials Science and Engineering

Естественные науки, Технологии

This engineering course presents a broad multidisciplinary approach to understanding and manipulating the mechanical, electrical, optical and magnetic properties of…

Nuclear Reactor Physics Basics

Естественные науки

This engineering course is designed to Introduce students to a range of concepts, ideas and models used in nuclear reactor…