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University: National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)


Enterprise Software Lifecycle Management

Information Technology
Want to manage software development, but unsure where to begin? This computer science course will teach you the models, methods…

From Atoms to Stars: How Physics Explains Our World

Natural Science
In this physics course, you will learn about the structure and function of our universe, from the micro-world of quantum…

Knowledge Management in Nuclear Energy Organizations

Natural Science
Nuclear knowledge is critical now: the previous generation of nuclear personnel is retiring; countries are expanding nuclear programs; ageing nuclear…

Nuclear Reactor Physics Basics

Natural Science
This engineering course is designed to Introduce students to a range of concepts, ideas and models used in nuclear reactor…

Surface Science: Methods of Surface Analysis

Natural Science
There is a vast variety of contemporary surface analysis methods that you can use for your research. If you are…

Vacuum Systems and Technology

Natural Science
Vacuum technology is key to our high-tech society. It is is used for a large number of technical processes and…