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Ecology, Technology & Anime

Information Technology, Natural Science
This introductory course uses Japanese anime films and serials to introduce key concepts and issues in contemporary ecological critique and…

Ecology: from cells to Gaia

Natural Science

This course presents the principles of evolution and ecology for citizens and students interested in studying biology and environmental sciences….

Economics of Transition and Emerging Markets

Economy, Management

The course analyzes challenges faced by transition and emerging-market economies. And by the end of the course you will be…

Enterprise Software Lifecycle Management

Information Technology

Want to manage software development, but unsure where to begin? This computer science course will teach you the models, methods…

From Atoms to Stars: How Physics Explains Our World

Natural Science

In this physics course, you will learn about the structure and function of our universe, from the micro-world of quantum…

From Disease to Genes and Back

Natural Science

Human genetics explores the genetically determined similarities and differences between human beings. This scientific discipline encompasses a variety of related…

Genius. Talent. Golden Mediocrity


This course is of an applied nature and is oriented to studies in the field of creative life intensification psychology,…

Hacking PostgreSQL: Data Access Methods

Information Technology

This course is about data storage and data processing technologies with examples from PostgreSQL. It is geared toward database core…

History & Culture of England


The course is giving an insight into different aspects of life of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern…

How to Win Coding Competitions: Secrets of Champions

Information Technology

This computer science course is an introduction to competitive programming developed by ITMO University, the leading expert in IT and…

International Business – Business in the Baltic Sea Region

Economy, Management

The Master’s Degree Programme Business in the Baltic Sea Region offered at Pskov State University is fully conforming to Russian…

International Promotion Policy (International Business)

Economy, Management

Themes: – Introduction; – Communication instruments; – Selecting the right trade show; – Participation conception; – Trade shows in foreign…