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Russian Trademark Law in Global Perspective

About this course

Learn about legal framework of trademark registration, protection and enforcement in Russia. You can also compare Russian approach with international standards enshrined in relevant treaties and discover problematic arears of trademark protection in the Russia. This course is on legal regulation of trademark protection in Russia. It explains the process of acquiring trademark in Russia, alternatives to trademark protection (such as firm names, trade names, names of origins), requirements for trademark validity, conditions under which trademarks are protected in Russia, scope of excusive trademark rights protection, peculiarities of assignment and licensing practice in Russia.
The course also focuses on issues of trademark infringement, criteria applied by the Russian courts and relevant practice of the Russian Intellectual Property Court. It describes different remedies available to the trademark holders, including calculation of statutory damages under the Russian law for trademark infringement.

Taught by: Vladislav Starzhenetsky, Associate Professor, HSE

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